Sunday, October 04, 2009

SQL comparison updates: Oracle 11R2, diagnostic logs

I finally found some time to update my page which compares SQL implementations. I performed a general update regarding Oracle, now that Oracle 11R2 has been released. And I added a new (incomplete) section which describes where the different DBMSes store diagnostic logs.

I turned out that very little has changed in Oracle since generation 10. The only remarkable new SQL feature in Oracle 11 is support for CTEs and proper CTE-based recursive SQL (introduced in version 11, release 2) -- but as I don't cover this topic on my page, updating the Oracle items was mostly a question of updating documentation links. Oracle still doesn't support the standard by having a CHARACTER_LENGTH and a SUBSTRING function, for example. This is simple, low-hanging fruit, Oracle(!) Sigh. It seems like Oracle's market position has made them (arrogantly) ignore the SQL standard.

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